Purpose of this Course

Course Description

The purpose of this mini course is to go over some Medical Billing Common Basics. This course is great for anyone who is thinking about signing up for AAPC Medical Billing Course or for anyone that is currently starting out their career as a medical biller and needs a refresher when it comes to some common medical billing basics. The course consists of 4 Mini lessons.


What will you learn in this free mini course?

  • Learn the basics of what is a claim

  • Learn difference between Rejected and Denied Claim

  • Learn What is a HCFA-1500 Form

  • Learn 7 most common HCFA-1500 form mistakes and how to fix them

  • Learn Insurance Card Basics: for medical billers


  • Who should register for this Webinar/Live Training Session?

    Anyone that works in healthcare, medical office and would like to learn about the current medical billing and coding guidelines. Level of expertise: Beginner.

  • What is a mini course?

    A mini course is a course that covers only certain amount of information. Not everything that is on the AAPC CPB exam is covered in this course.


AAPC Approved Instructor

Kateryna Patskovska,CPB, AAPC Approved Instructor (CPB-I)

I am an independent Medical Biller and an APPC Approved Instructor (CPB, CPB-I). I started my career in healthcare back in 2007 with a Utilization Management Company (PT/OT). Since September 2019, I decided to narrow my focus on providing training and consulting services for other certified professionals, office staff, providers, anybody that is in healthcare field. The training/consulting focuses on medical/reimbursement policies, benefits investigations and denial management with emphasis on following the proper coding and billing guidelines. Some of my previous projects include: Successful NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program MU (Meaningful Use) AUDIT (2020), as well as successful attestations for NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (4 years/2016-2020). My past speaking experience involves live webinars for AMBA, BC Advantage Magazine); for a full list of mast and present projects/speaking experience please visit my portfolio page. Currently, I work part time, as an office manager with Dr. Celina P. John. (Asthma, Allergy and Immunology)